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Monday, October 31, 2016

Dame Darcy's on Tour!

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Dame Darcy's on Tour!!
Ladies and Gents, step right up and meet the Mermaid Goddess Artist Musician Witch herself! Dame Darcy's tour is coming to a close now as she prepares to come back to us (her interns) in Savannah to blessedly help us with Christmas sales! See her before she swims back into her grotto! 
November 9th in Brooklyn!
Darcey and Darcy present The Tarot Society
Noon till 6pm: Lolita tea party, art exhibit for Meat Cake originals,
tarot readings and more :)
Performances starting from 6-8 pm.
by Dame Darcy, Darcey Leonard, Baby Bird and others.
Come dressed as your fav Meat Cake Character and win a prize :)
to see more info please go here:
Can't get to NY to see Darcy herself? Well no worries, the Meat Cake Bible has a whole full page color gallery of the beautiful Dame Darcy surrounded on either side by over 400 pages of her life's work: Meat Cake. It's an incredibly beautiful book, too. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mermaid Tarot Edition 3 Has Set Sail!


This is your friendly neighborhood mermaid-handler Laura with a very exciting announcement:

Mermaid Tarot Edition 3 is up for sale!

I am holding this edition in my hands right now and by golly it's gorgeous!

You'll receive:
  1. 22 all new fresh Dame Darcy illustrations!
  2. A hand written nautical spell handwritten by the Pirate Mermaid Witch herself!
  3. And as always a beautiful cream organza card bag and Dame Darcy sticker!

This edition has perfectly regular boarders with no bleed (this mermaid handler is a perfectionist) and some minor quality errors in the old printing fixed.

So while Dame Darcy is flying around the world in her magical pirate ship let's make her day and all order a brand new deck <3 Go here ------> Etsy

<3 Laura "LED"


Tonight is Darcy and Lisa's first show in 10 years in Detroit at the UFO Factory 2110 Trumbull Street. Here's a link with more info! http://www.thedarcylisashow.com/

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dame Darcy & Lisa Carver Tour / All New 3rd Edition of Mermaid Tarot + More!

YOO-HOO Lovely! 
Please imagine my embroidered hankie fluttering in your direction from a massive sailboat in the sky... 

The Jaywalker
Lisa Carver and I have been friends for eons. And now we are traveling the world to do interactive performance art, immersive theatre with The Kuzak Sisters and the general public.   
We'll be acting out scenes from Jaywalker which is Lisa's new book I illustrated. 
It is super fantastic and demented. I love it. 

Get the book here! 

We will also be making the shows into video blogs to share with you as we go :) 

Meat Cake Bible over 400 pages of comix spanning my 25 year career will also be promoted on this tour as well as other books. 
You can preorder Meat Cake Bible here!
Preorder Here!

Here are the tour dates and plans thus far...

The Darcy + Lisa Show with the Kuzak Sisters:

20th April UFO Factory, Detroit
21st April The Hexagon, Minneapolis
22nd April The Learning Machine, Chicago
24th April Ice Cream Factory, Cincinnati

May 1st Dame Darcy book signing and lecture at Swarm Con 
Savannah's own comic con 5pm 

9th June Mystery Train, Amherst MA 
21st June Columbus Theatre, Providence RI

28th June Larry's Corner, Stockholm Sweden
30th June Wharf Chambers, Leeds UK
1st July Cafe Oto, London
2nd July Brighton UK

20th July Portland OR (venue to still be settled)

Dame Darcy signing Meat Cake Bible at San Diego Comic Con 
22nd July at the Fantagraphics booth
23rd July Low Gallery San Diego

24th July Los Angeles  (venue to still be settled)

26 July Brisbane Australia
30 July TOTE, Melbourne

More Dates to be revealed soon!

Hope to see you there :) 

You can join the action through Pateron where you will receive updates and Art treats on a regular basis! 

Thanks for making Meat Cake Bible a dream come true for 25 years! 

In other news
Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot has been in print and selling since 2012!
 To celebrate the success of this self published venture, I have now reissued a 3rd edition with new and improved borders and production, plus 22 all new illustrations!

With each order will now come individual sea themed and mermaid spells as well as one of a kind die cut stickers.

We pride ourselves on being multicultural and LBGT and this is reflected more than ever in the new images on these cards, because acceptance of diversity is the way things were initially in Atlantis and thanks to the Goddess the Patriarchy is crumbling and things are going back to the right way all along. 

(A note from LED) As I'm writing this we only have 18 left of edition 2! The moment that edition sells out I'll post edition 3 for sale and send you a quick update email to let you know it's been listed! 

The Raffle
I didn't forget about the raffle, and yes we have sold many items valued at $75 and I promise we are keeping your name in the list. But the amount has not yet reached the value of the painting. 
When it does we will announce the raffle winner and send you the painting. 
I promise! Until then yes, please keep 'em coming. And again when you order art of any kind valued at $75 or more on my store you are eligible to win this painting. 

Go Shopping!!

And now a word from LED who is an inspiration and a dream. We work together to run this whole thing and without her none of this would be possible. Laura is a creative force in her own right and an up and coming artist herself :) 

Hello sweet Dame Darcy lovers! I'm so excited to share with you my first completed short animation! It's a 35 second, trippy romp through space with some characters you may recognize from my Tarot in Space! Have a look!

Click here to watch the video!

Love and Magic Mermaid Blessings 

Dame Darcy 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentines Day Love Letter

Hello My Love, 
Happy Valentines Day!

As my gift to you here is the offer of a raffle for this rainbow fairy Valentine painting. You have a chance to win this painting when you get art off the etsy site valued at over $100 

The raffle runs for 2 weeks and once the amount acquired matches the value of the painting $1,500. 

Then the raffle contestants will be announced and thanked with an additional secret surprise and the one winner will be chosen then the painting shipped to them. 


House Dame Darcy!

I'm Seeking a place to stay in Maine or Dover New Hampshire for 3 weeks while Lisa Carver and i practice for our tour to promote the Jaywalker graphic novel. Lisa and i need to meet from March 20th till early April then were going to Detroit to practice the show with some gals and shoot the first show there which will also be our TV pilot . If you have a place or know someone please contact me at damedarcy9@gmail.com with the subject line "Tour Digs" read on to see my ideas of exchange and/ or compensation ❤

Movie Magic

I was recently in a experimental film by Jalal Pleasant 
enjoy the stills :) More info can be seen here:

The UNKNOWN- Battle Against Mediocrity
Coming soon

By: Jalal Pleasant
Introducing: Dame Darcy as, Molly Passion

A Peasant Art production

Also, I finished my first ASMR go pro video completely edited and shot by yours truly in preparation of the upcoming Darcy+Lisa tour this year so we can have videos off all the shows consistently posted for you all :) 

Until then, enjoy my mermaid swim fin ASMR video practice. 

Currently working on Isabelle Doll new cover songs. 
Call her the and Rapper now cuz her rap is so sweet! 

And here's the latest from my Co-Creator, LED!

Galactic Acid, the animated Space Adventure is just a few weeks from completion! Find out more here: http://www.theledanimation.com/#!galactic-acid/nfbnr 

 Blessings and Venus / Cupid Magic  for you on this special holiday. 
Dame Darcy 

To Love oneself if the beginning of life greatest love affair 

~ Oscar Wilde 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Greetings From the Haunted House

Greetings to you my Darlings, from the haunted house in Savannah where the ghosts and dolls and I reside to draw my dreams. 

Just illustrated the Tell Tale Heart for Seven Stores Press for the Graphic Novel Classics compilation Graphic Cannon, compiled by Russ Kick. 

Tell Tale Heart is quite possibly my favourite short story of all time as it makes me laugh so much. 

The narrator tries so hard to convince you of his sanity, but in doing so reveals more about his insanity than his dark deed does itself. 
It's kind of ironic really. 

He mistakes the pounding of his own heart with that of the old man’s and uses it as a prompt to murder him. 

This was always a favorite tale of mine, I'll never forget when I heard it first on a record from the library I got while in 4th grade. 
It really exemplifies the twisted reality of a murderers mind. 
I am so honored to do my rendition of this horror classic. 

So I can now offer you 10 illustrations from this project now framed and available as fine art. 
They are 8 1/2 x 11 inches framed. Each illustration is $75. 

As a special all 10 can go for $700. total  If you want to keep the story in sequence. 
Please indicate in the etsy comments you wish to do so and i will hold the other 9. 

Payment plans are welcome.

Also, we have a Gasoline special going on on Etsy.com/damedarcy, and I'm offering a special where if you get anything over the price of $75, you will receive a free copy of Gasoline, hand signed with an illustration to you or a loved one. 

Other Black and white pen and ink illustrations for the low cost of money now available as well to choose from :) Framed and ready for hanging or as a gift to your love for upcoming Valentines Day. 

All Patrons get this book for free for this month's reward, also so much more! 

In other News, Lisa Carver (SuckDog, Rollerderby zine, plus more)  and I are planning a world wide come back tour for her new book I illustrated : The Jaywalker. 
It will be a super fun immersive theatre performance art, rock opera, spectacle, and we will be offering friends and fans prizes and discounts on tickets, and may be coming to your town! 
Just got a go pro for x mas and learning to edit and post video/ animation so soon I'll be able to share this with you as well through a video series. 
It's gonna be a lot of fun and a lot of wacky talented and beautiful ladies! 

And now a quick word from my friend and intern, LED:

Hello! This is LED, I now have phone cases, stickers, and prints available of my Tarot in Space! cards on Storenvy! Click the picture to see more :) 

We will be posting more details about tour dates for the upcoming year. 

Dame Darcy 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best Wishes to you for the Yule Tide Season!

Best Wishes to you for the Yule Tide Season!

I think what wove the fabric of my soul to be this way, were all the treasures in the victorian houses in my neighborhood growing up. 

The old widows faded away in a back room while I played with my childhood friend (who grew up to be Jared Gold the amazing fashion designer extraordinaire. Only reason I mention this detail is because I wanted you to picture my friend as being a boy.) 

Jared's Unique Fashion Design

We had these amazing houses full of cast off costumes, toys, antiques, art supplies, tree houses, 50's cars, trunks of old pirate treasures, and over grown gardens with rusty swing sets full of flowers and raspberries and ghosts.

My 2016 Calendar! For sale now on Etsy. Click here!

 All of this to ourselves. The old ladies were always asleep and didn't want to be bothered. One of them had nine children all grown and gone leaving us afternoon hours to dress in 20's clothes and play board games from the 60's (Mystery Date and Operation) Bobsie Twins mysteries, 1940's boy scout manuals, and mad libs. 

 He would play the white shiny lacquer baby grand like a champ in the gigantic play room, with acres of green carpet as a velvety lawn stretching out beneath a chandelier and arched ceiling. 

We ate home made apple pie off plates printed with pictures of silent movie stars, presidents and the state of Idaho. 

 There was an all pink room with pink curtains even a pink rotary working phone. 
We got in a fight in that room, I threw scissors at him.  It had something on the wall that said Babes in Toyland, I think it was a 78 record maybe? A kids story.  (Not the 90's punk girl band! Ha!)   

I got a strange flesh colored dress from the closet in that room, the frock was printed with ballerinas and grey roses and had big cloth covered buttons. I wore it until high school and it ripped to ribbons. 

There were secret rooms and closets leading into other rooms, one closet had a small circular window and had been converted into a perfect tiny doll house / play room. 

If I could have one day like that back again I would cry from happiness. That it was even my childhood at all is an amazing blessing. 

 I've wanted to go to House on the Rock for decades, I hear it has this same kind of feeling. 
House on the Rock

Through my art and dreams all I ever do over and over again is try to process or recreate the atmosphere and the beauty. 

Nature is hyper real and perfectly beautiful. 
Dolls live in a super unreal surrealistic hyperfection world of fantasy. 
When one is raised in these two worlds anything else is stifling ugly and tedious in its mundaneness. 

Fairy Doll on Etsy now! 

Here is an image made by my new favorite emerging artist Laura "E" Douglass (The LED)

This gal is going places! 

Part of Tarot in Space! See more here!

Happy Dollydays! 

Love, Dame Darcy