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Monday, November 26, 2012

Fun New Ways to Write Holiday Letters, Yule Gifts, Tarot Card OriginalArt!

Hello Darlings!

Here's lots of exciting new items now for the Holiday season!
 Let your family and friend feel the holiday spirit with unique and fun ways to write letters!

2013 Hot Witch Calendars and Yule Prints and Holiday Stationary

Hot Witch Calendars * Yule Print * Stationary Sets * Postcards * Stickers

Tarot cards    

Looking for a special gift? Our holiday sales include Mermaid Tarot Cards and original black and white or hand painted art combo pack! Hooray!

Bedazzled Handbook For Hot Witches

The Handbook for Hot Witches books are still available and now we have them personally bedazzled available for the holiday season! Great for kids and teens! Each book will contain a personal note and illustration from Dame Darcy!

Hot Witches Through Herstory

Lady Godiva

* Lady Godiva

‪Her story dates back to the 11th century. She was married to Leofric ‪III Earl of Mercia who had earned his title through success in business. They moved to Coventry in central England where in 1043 they founded and funded an abbey in Honor of Eunice, and early martyr slain ‪by the R‪omans. The abbey soon became a social focus for the town, where her husband used his high position in business to impose what Godiva viewed as excessive taxes. She tried to persuade him to lower‪ the taxes for the townspeople, to which he responded that he would if she rode naked down main street. He was shocked when she agreed for the sake of the people. The day Godiva‪ made her historic ride, the townspeople stayed inside their houses in honor of her modesty. Except for peeping Tom. Still to this day Coventry celebrates an annual Godiva festival.

And, if you haven't already, check out our hilarious infomercial starring Isabelle to promote Handbook for Hot Witches!

Blessed Be and Happy Holidays!


Dame Darcy