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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Yule Tide / New DD crafts for U and Family / Salem Witch Hunt

^v^ Happy Yule Tide to You ^v^
May you celebrate this winter solstice with the best of health and happiness! Family is not only what you were born into but also who you choose during this life. I love you my wacky weird and wonderful family chosen by the fates.

I know things will be even better next year. 2014 is the year of the wood horse. Stability strength power grace growth and life.

This year 2013 was not only a 13 but it was a snake which represents transformation. Changes can be challenging and painful, but we have life and stabilization to look forward too, so I am positive everything will be all right.

^v^ Potion Bottle Earrings ^v^
Guess my elf ears make me a compulsive crafter during the Holiday season like a lemming drawn to the sea, so am I obsessed  to craft. Enjoy the wacko candy colored fruits of my labor and I'll get Rudolph to wake you up in the middle of the night dropping them off in the snow drift outside your house.

Potion Bottle Earrings Faeiry Magic Transformation Spell for positive new beginnings and purification . Also to regain what has been lost.

Contents: Tiny Cinderella Slipper, Bee Pollen, Gold faeiry Hair, Gems, Beads (antique), Pearls, Pixie dust made from crushed butterfly wings and irredescent glitter, golden seeds, moon water, gold star beads.

Potion Bottle Earrings Gypsy Vision Sixth Sense Spell to see the future, have lucid dreams, see in the dark, see through lies, and become invisible at will when wearing the earrings.

Contents: Moon water, a bead from a silver ancient rosary, a mini crystal ball, black witch hair, grave yard dirt from Boneventure Cemetery Savannah pagan celtic cross 1870's , indigo glitter, indigo glass antique beads, indigo sequins. Love and magic blessings Dame Darcy

^v^ BIG Mermaid and Pirate Pillow Dolls ^v^ 

Aqua and Pink Mermaid Pillow Doll is sweet and snugly. she's BIG! 3 feet long! Can also be used as a back rest or body pillow. Made from fine woven cotton and hand sewn and silk screened. soft aqua water printed flannel backing make her a lovely accent piece for your boudoir, parlor, or chaise lounge.

^v^ Meat Cake Character Make Up Bag ^v^

^v^ Lavender Aroma therapy Rococo Sleeping mask ^v^
Thanks Arada for modeling this accessory in such a lovely way, and for pretending to be asleep so well :)

This aromatherapy lavender scented sleeping mask is hand sewn silk with super soft lace. One of a kind silk screened depicting a mermaid and pirates frolicking in a tropical paradise. It fits comfortably on your face, held with a stretchy black elastic band. The reverse side is luxurious comfortable fine aquamarine water printed felt. The scent of naturally picked and home dried lavender will lull you into a deep and peaceful state, and keep you there till you awaken refreshed and ready for whatever magic comes to you in your new day.

^v^ Salem/New Orleans Witch Hunt ^v^
Scott from NBC read Hand Book for Hot Witches and contacted me to see if I knew anyone interested in being in a reality TV show about witches in Salem or New Orleans. I feel that as someone who cares about and wants to truly represent our perspective this topic should be handled correctly. The lovely ladies who are in our circle would do it best. If you or a friend are interested, please contact him directly. I think this would be really fun for the right ladies, and educational for the general public.

Award winning production studio is casting a new and unprecedented docu-series about the lives of Salem Witches or New Orleans Witches.

Are you between the ages of 18 to 30? Do you practice Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria or do you have the ability to contact the other side? Are you and your friends members of a coven? Do you have an interesting life outside of Witchcraft too? Do you have a story to tell and want to share your side with the world?

If so, our casting producers want to hear from you! Please apply ASAP with your name, age, contact number, recent photos and bio on why you’re perfect for this experience TO: scott.moretti@nbcuni.com

Wilshire Studios @ NBC Universal - Casting Director
323 692 4571 (O)
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Miracles are all around you everywhere, it's sometimes hard to remember in times of turmoil. But the good thing is the Goddess and the law of the universe does not favor one over another.
We are all equal to receive what we need from the abundant source of life that created us and everything around us. So when I feel sad, or that life is passing me by and giving breaks and gifts to everyone but me, or get jealous wrongly comparing my existence to others I remember the spell prayer ... "What the Law of the Universe has done for others it now does for me and more!" The energy of life flows all around us like an ocean, It is words like this that channel some of the life force of abundance to us and through us to also share and help others.

Best wishes to you and magic blessings on this yule tide season
Love Dame Darcy

Oh and don't forget your 2014 pagan holidays calendar :) See you next year!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dame Darcy Reads the Palm of Carol Channing

Palm Read - 2
I read Carol Channing’s palm about 12 years ago for Index magazine. All kinds of things about her life were revealed, but the most touching was that at the age of 78 right after her divorce I saw she was going to have another marriage. On Netflix there was a documentary on her and I got so excited, because I am a BIG fan. In Hello Dolly Carol looks just like my doll Isabelle, plus in Skidoo she is dressed like a psychedelic pirate. I read Carol Channing’s palm about 12 years ago for Index magazine. Anyways, in the documentary which came out last year, Carol is 90 now and she married her child hood sweetheart who was also featured. Carol’s life is not only a tribute to an amazing genius, unique artist, performer, and just a fantastic lady all around with a magic soul , but also a testimony to true love. I hope you make it to 100 Carol! And the fans you have touched will always keep your spirit alive forever.