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Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Yule Tide!

Happy Yule Tide Every
One and Merry Solstice! 
Hoo Doggies It has been quite a year! 
So many of our beloved sent to the stardust
like Ziggy and Prince but also politically so dramatic.
It is a reminder of our mortality.  
And that the future is ours, so as united sentient beings we will get there together...
Even those who think they are separate.

It is a call to drink the coffee not the kool-aid.  
 Just by being alive, by being the witch mermaid fairy that I am and creating art and a life for myself and others is in itself an act of defiance. My New Years resolution: 
Aspiring to be the change in the world I wish to see.  What's yours? 
The 2017 Witchcraft Holiday Calendar is here! When you get anything off Dame Darcy Etsy store you will receive a free calendar. 
It's the year of Meatcake! All 12 unique and new illustrations are based on Dame Darcy's best selling comic book, Meatcake! 
Each month shows the full, new, and quarter moons, witch tips, practices, and holidays! 
And this year is super special because the entire thing is in full color! 
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Meat Cake Bible
Thank you dear friends family and readers, for your support of Meat Cake Bible. The tour went great, and the turn out of other like minded artists  was amazing.

Here's my favorite review so far: 
Here is Dame Darcy, Your Comics Queen
The World is Catching Up with Her—Just in Time for The Meat Cake Bible

LAST JANUARY, Angoul√™me, the second largest comics festival in Europe, made a crazy misogynist blunder. Of 30 nominees for the Grand Prix prize for lifetime achievement in comics, they neglected to name even one woman. Angoul√™me’s CEO made things worse by asserting that “unfortunately, there are few women in the history of comics.” Online, people lost their minds—and roundups papered the face of the internet, proving him wrong while lauding the great women who penciled before. It was a good outcome from a bad thing. I remember breaking a pencil in my hand (no, that didn’t really happen) (CRUNCH) and vowing that if those dope dongles overlooked Dame Darcy’s Meat Cake Bible, which I knew Fantagraphics was releasing this year, I would fucking riot.
And New Hand Painted Boots! 
I'm also teaching Water Color Painting Classes at Escape Through Art as part of Skinny Gallery. 

 Here are a few of my favorite collaborators and Thanks to all those who made the Fall tour so great :) But here's a few:

Thanks Max Morris at

Chloe Perkis  (Cartoonist)  Fav Cartooonist now in Chicago! 

Liz at

Gabe Fowler
Desert Island Comics, Brooklyn 

Fav cartoonists (and gal pals) part of Cartoon Arts Brooklyn Expo
Lauren Weinstein

Pam Grossman 

Pal Laris Kreslins and currator Eric Bresler at  
PhilaMOCA Museum 

Now that I'm back and working again in Savannah at Escape Savannah escape room. I'm a ghost Host and Pirate again at the new room Escape Pirate Island. 

Also, Join Pateron now to receive updates on Dame Darcy projects and gifts hand made and hand signed. 

Mermaid Magic and Blessings to all of us in 2017. In the New Year I promise to meditate every morning at least for 5 minutes as part of the Peace in 2017, a challenge by my favorite local Witchy Shop Cosmic Corner!
Join me on this journey, sign up here:

Through the focus of my attention.
I am expressing the following Divine Truths daily and hourly. 

I am infinite abundance 
I am the Harmony of my true being

I am vibrantly healthy and eternally youthful

I am a Peace Commanding Presence 
The actions I take every day are improving my family,
my job, my city, my country, and the world

I have a healing touch

I am able to communicate both with the angelic kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom

I am transfiguring this planet into the infinite perfection of New Earth 
And so it is, beloved I am.

Happy 2017! 
Love, Dame Darcy