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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentines ! Love to you!

Happy Valentines ! Love to you!  

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On February Friday The 17th between 5pm till 9pm please join me and Steve Green the creator of Hell Boy graphic novel series to celebrate the release of Meat Cake Bible over 500 pages of comics Published by Fantagraphics Books.  At Planet Fun in Savannah GA. 
Other comics and works will be there, besides the usual amazing vintage and contemporary manga, toys and games! 

Sign in at the Event Page!
Check out Planet Fun!

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Pleasant and I just celebrated a group fine art show at Skinny Gallery in Escape Savannah 905 Abercorn Savannah GA as part of 1st Friday. If your in Savannah please feel free to come by and enjoy the art! 
Or! It is also available on line. Payment installments are accepted for paintings, and now the original  illustrations are available from the witch Calendar and Vice Magazine Color Comix from Meat Cake. 
Thanks Savannah friends for making the art opening so fun :) 

See more the the Sail Boat Race! 

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We saw Adam Ant in Tuscon AZ! 

With locals from AZ and Kelly Robin! 

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Bisbee AZ.  I went here to visit my sister and get my teeth fixed by Dr. Tostado in Mexico. (1/3rd the price!) 
Perhaps named for the killer bees who's honey is as infamous as it is delicious. 
They are sturdy little desert creatures with long creepy legs.

 They will take over any dwelling in a matter of days. They can kill a 150 pound pecary. An indigenous feral pig that runs in the desert biting things with its huge fangs. 

And if you leave even a little watering can out in the yard the bees will nest in there. The spirit animals of the locals. Creative, resourceful, weird. 

Bisbee is the real deal. Also Tombstone, Saint David, and the little border towns. These are the Sky Islands. 

 I feel nostalgic. And this is only my second time in Bisbee.  It reminds me of Bone Idaho where I lived as a kid on a ranch in the 70s and 80s.

Everything I've seen here is repurposed, home grown, vintage or hand made. It's like an Old West version of Cuba. 

Old cars from the 50s 30s and 70s are parked randomly next to the barber with a red and blue pole with the hand painted sign. Same goes for all the food, clothing, furniture,  and everything else.

 Art, music, and weirdos of every stripe and age live here or drift through town. 

Vintage is worn by Everybody here. Ladies in  prairie bonnets for reals. 
I met about half a dozen folks who own ranches. 

I once thought my style was Japanese Lolita and random vintage. But I now know it's homemade coutre and Victorian cowgirl garb of Tombstone AZ. 

Now the stars are out, the full moon lights up the gully.  
I shut my eyes and still see the endless sky as a owl echos in the distance. 
The dream of Bisbee is the same as the reality of Bisbee, epic and endless. 

Dame Darcy 

And like the ocean, the Mermaid Tarot is always here for you! 

All hands on deck! This deck, that is! Get your hands on one here!