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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meat Cake Originals Auction/New Voyage of Temptress/My Strange Addiction

Dearest Doll-lings!


Welcome to the new pages for the Voyage Of Temptress...

This VOT page featuring Single Eye Sue is also available as a limited edition hand painted print on ETSY.


Meat Cake #7 one of a kind hand drawn originals auction now started on eBay. I am happy to personalize or sign them for you or a loved one... Once they are gone they are gone forever...


Please join me at Park Circle Comics in Charleston SC from noon to 5 pm for the comic con being held there on Saturday July 26th. https://www.facebook.com/ParkCircleComics


ITV the Institute of Terminal Velocity now represents my work, we are all collaborating on many new and exciting titles and intellectual properties. Check out the newest release! http://www.dictionaryofunhappiness.com


My Strange Addiction secret is that I think I got a cold from staying up last night for hours instead of sleeping after partying with Pirate Gal Pals on Tybee Island because I was watching Barbie Dream House on Net Flix, I was looking for another doll movie when I found it...

Barbie and her friends look like actual animated dolls, they have jointed arms and they have this crazy looking real barbie hair that I find fascinating... THE HAIR : 3-D composite perfect Barbie hair... one day in the dream house it was messy plastic globbed up like Barbie hair gets...

Weird things happen in their house too, like a giant Barbie head crashed through her dream house wall... she stood up Ken because she was so obsessed putting makeup on it with giant lipstick tubes she forgot their date... and her horse (you remember her horse) plays the piano, and Ken is a super great BF.

They have THE elevator from your childhood memories (one doll capacity). All their food is molded plastic (the cupcakes are the best) and she has a fantasy never ending closet full of shoes and they have these walls and things that flip over into other things like barbie house really does, plus plastic looking furniture and accessories.

Her best friend Midge comes to visit from 1962 and she is in black and white and loves to craft and clip coupons. The dolls kid Barbie about being old on her birthday ... cause Barbie (much like our dear 89 year old French Boudoir Doll friend Isabelle) is forever 21. They also talk about her billions of careers, and she has all the outfits still perfect in the bubble plastic hanging in her closet. There's something a little tongue in cheek about the writing, too. And kinda fetish and demented...but really cute and positive in the end.

Oh BTW I was not allowed to have Barbies because they were not feminist...but plenty of others had them enough that I know all this stuff. Our Barbies were slutty though, they always had lots of girl-on-girl action and orgies with Ken. What a great world for Ken dolls Barbie Life is. He's like the sultan.

We used to burn a crack for her "Giney" with a butter knife heated by a lighter because we found her non-vagina so unrealistic and annoying. The ones with the painted on panties were spared.

Love, Dame Darcy