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Monday, November 30, 2015

Dame Darcy's Mystical Monday and Terrific Tuesday Sales!!!

Happy Dollidays My Darlings! 

<3 Here are my Cyber Monday sales!! <3

Mystical Monday Nov 30 
and Terrific Tuesday Dec 1 

I'm doing FREE SHIPPING on ALL items (domestic only) and
50% off all dolls! 

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Dollidays 2016 Witch Calendar Now on Etsy, Cobain Doll Hair Pulled!

Dame Darcy 2016 Witch Calendar 

Now on Etsy!


Cobain Hair Pulled from Auction: 
 A Hair Raising Experience!

A comic about the hair

In Victorian days it was common to make a memento from the locks of hair of a loved one, both living and deceased. Jewelry and dolls were made with human hair, and are collected to this day. 

Many people have sent me human hair to make dolls for cake toppers for weddings and to honor a deceased loved one. 
The doll
As gothic Lolitas influenced by Victoriana, Courtney and I shared the same love of Victorian dolls. I care about Frances, Courtney, and the rest of the Cobain family very much and Courtney was a dear friend to me. I did not do this out of disrespect to them.

I auctioned the hair to support my up-coming tour and because I believe in Karma and magic I am donating a percent of proceeds to a suicide prevention fund. I think Kurt would understand the importance of touring to promote art.

Christmas Vampire and Ghost dolls available now on Etsy through Christmas season! 

Meatcake Bible News!

Now is our chance to co-create together! Become my Patron between now and the June 2016 release by joining Patreon and you will be the first to receive the 400 page Meat Cake Bible along with prizes, original art, handmade dolls, gift boxes, hand written love letters and other treats that can be seen in my Etsy store!  As a Patreon.com  Patron you will receive first news of brand new Meat Cake comics for the Bible as well as cover design updates and you have a VIP pass for promotional book readings, comic convention events, and cabaret associated with the 2016 promotional tour because you are a wonderful part of making this happen! 

Artist Shoutout!

Some of my favorite up and coming artists!
 I've always felt like a mash up of Rapunzel trapped up in my Victorian artist attic endlessly drawing in a sea of addictive ink and some kind of Pirate Mary Poppins. Like a nun that married Adam Ant instead of Jesus. Fairy God Mother to all those who were misrepresented and misunderstood. 

You all and the diversity that you bring to the world inspire me most to make the art that I do. I'm so happy to see the nitch-genres that were once considered outsiders becoming more accepted by mainstream society. 

When I was goth (first Death Rock in the 80's) I was really what is now Lolita and so happy the scene  has turned this way, also the trans/bi/gay LBGT community , comic book geeks , punks , and freaks  and just everyone who has the dark fairytale whimsical sensibility and crave and create an alternative reality.  We all embody the Goddess as well as Mother Nature. 

I reach out to you and thank you for doing the same for me.  Your lovley letters of support and your own beautiful inspired art means so much. So here I'd like to share with you some up and coming artists who are my friends and interns! 

A short animation by my intern Laura "the LED" Douglass!
(Who edited this post and is the bestest ever!)

This fanmail from Michelle Maxwell (who's an amazing artist) 
inspired the 2016 Witch Calendar Cover!

And here is Steve Cutts! God how I love that man!
His animation "MAN" so accurately depicts the real deal 
in a matter of astounding animated minutes. 

The Goal We're Working Toward
With your help we will get there!

Surfer Girl with See Through Bikini
by Jim Warren
To live completely sustainably and have proactive ocean conservation be part of daily life. As a child I was constantly concerned about animals going extinct, and plastic in the ocean as well as personal survival. I'm constantly working towards an ideal reality where my income allows me the freedom to live and create as an environmental activist to turn all my skills towards 
serving the Goddess.
Mermaid & Dolphin by Marco Rivero
Though it hasn't been easy being a cartoonist mermaid in this landlubber world having to create products of consumption and market my own heart as art. But, it's ultimately been rewarding because of the like-minded souls like you I've met along the way!

Stay Tuned For...

1) Lady Killers: Written by Tori Telfair. This is a graphic novel published by Harper Collins

2) Anything Is Probable: Written By Lisa Carver (we are planning a tour for East and West Coast as well as Europe in June and Halloween with Jessica Delfino and her new release, Lisa Carver, and Eliza Rickman. Gen from Psychic TV is interested as well as Kembra Phaler and others!)

3) The Tell Tale Heart Horror Classics: Seven Stories Press 

4) Hi Jax & Hi Jinx Graphic novel and screenplay are now being pitched to producers and we have a director (Dawn Garcia) for the movie. 

5) Two TV show pitches in the works: “Meat Cake”, based on the long running comic book series, and “Voyage of Temptress”, a new web comic series and TV concept.  

In the next coming months!

Magic Blessings to you :) 
Dame Darcy