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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best Wishes to you for the Yule Tide Season!

Best Wishes to you for the Yule Tide Season!

I think what wove the fabric of my soul to be this way, were all the treasures in the victorian houses in my neighborhood growing up. 

The old widows faded away in a back room while I played with my childhood friend (who grew up to be Jared Gold the amazing fashion designer extraordinaire. Only reason I mention this detail is because I wanted you to picture my friend as being a boy.) 

Jared's Unique Fashion Design

We had these amazing houses full of cast off costumes, toys, antiques, art supplies, tree houses, 50's cars, trunks of old pirate treasures, and over grown gardens with rusty swing sets full of flowers and raspberries and ghosts.

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 All of this to ourselves. The old ladies were always asleep and didn't want to be bothered. One of them had nine children all grown and gone leaving us afternoon hours to dress in 20's clothes and play board games from the 60's (Mystery Date and Operation) Bobsie Twins mysteries, 1940's boy scout manuals, and mad libs. 

 He would play the white shiny lacquer baby grand like a champ in the gigantic play room, with acres of green carpet as a velvety lawn stretching out beneath a chandelier and arched ceiling. 

We ate home made apple pie off plates printed with pictures of silent movie stars, presidents and the state of Idaho. 

 There was an all pink room with pink curtains even a pink rotary working phone. 
We got in a fight in that room, I threw scissors at him.  It had something on the wall that said Babes in Toyland, I think it was a 78 record maybe? A kids story.  (Not the 90's punk girl band! Ha!)   

I got a strange flesh colored dress from the closet in that room, the frock was printed with ballerinas and grey roses and had big cloth covered buttons. I wore it until high school and it ripped to ribbons. 

There were secret rooms and closets leading into other rooms, one closet had a small circular window and had been converted into a perfect tiny doll house / play room. 

If I could have one day like that back again I would cry from happiness. That it was even my childhood at all is an amazing blessing. 

 I've wanted to go to House on the Rock for decades, I hear it has this same kind of feeling. 
House on the Rock

Through my art and dreams all I ever do over and over again is try to process or recreate the atmosphere and the beauty. 

Nature is hyper real and perfectly beautiful. 
Dolls live in a super unreal surrealistic hyperfection world of fantasy. 
When one is raised in these two worlds anything else is stifling ugly and tedious in its mundaneness. 

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Here is an image made by my new favorite emerging artist Laura "E" Douglass (The LED)

This gal is going places! 

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Happy Dollydays! 

Love, Dame Darcy