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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to Boost Creativity to Get Out of a Mental Rut- Guest Post

Written for DameDarcy.com by Larry Mager of Readybrain.net 

Photo by Pixabay

There’s nothing quite like a winning streak in the creative process.  It’s an incredible feeling when the ideas flow quickly and seamlessly and they all make sense and are received as great, perfect or spot on. But what about when that creative process decides to go on vacation?
What are you supposed to do when that well of creativity feels like it has dried up? The more you push yourself, the more a rut can start to feel like a deep valley. It’s as if your brain is saying, “No, I’m not going, and you can’t make me.” It’s deeply frustrating.

Before you start thinking that your imagination is on permanent hiatus, take heart. We have pulled together some tried and true methods to give your imagination the jumpstart it needs to get back on track. Implement a few of these ideas and you’ll be back in business in no time.

Change of Scenery
Oftentimes our surroundings play a key role in a creative block. Obviously this makes sense if it’s too loud or there are too many disruptions, but there are other reasons your workspace can can contribute to the frustration. Get up and go for a walk, move your work to a different space, or change the layout of your current space. You could even decorate your space so as to promote creativity. Just a few of these simple changes quite often lead to new bursts of creativity.

Move Your Body
Physical exertion goes a long way in helping the creative process. Whether it’s a walk, a run, swimming, or biking. Movement plays a big role in helping our brain readjust and focus on movement, which can be all that we need to tap back into our imaginations. And many people have some of their best ideas when they are exercising.

Stream of Conscious Writing
Sit down with pen and paper, or at your computer, and just start writing whatever comes to mind.
Don’t focus on grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Write whatever pops into your head, no matter what it is. As you continue to write and your thoughts flow, the content will become more fluid. Ideas will start to take shape, and you’ll find that your mind is now primed to start tackling bigger questions and ideas.

Time to Play
Believe it or not, play is highly conducive to creativity. Quite a few bigger companies have figured this out, and their employees have the option to incorporate play into their work day. Through play you are distracting your brain and giving it time to focus on something else. It’s also through play that you can unknowingly tap into different ideas or thoughts that you couldn’t access because of your rut. Play comes in many forms including Ping pong, volleyball, dress up, card or board games, craft projects, or even video games. Give it a try; you’ll be surprised at how much it helps.

Get Some Input
Collaboration is a common method for promoting creativity in the business world. Rather than something formal, however, get together with a trusted co-worker/co-workers for a lunch and see what you all can come up within an hour. Bouncing ideas off of each other can exponentially open up your options. More than likely, you all will come up with multiple ideas and possibilities.

Get Some Rest
There is a reason that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. When you are exhausted, your brain starts going haywire. That’s why if you’ve been short on sleep, more than likely your creative process is on the fritz. Whether it’s taking a nap or getting a good night’s rest (preferably all the time), the act of sleep gives your brain a break, which in turn can help unlock all kinds of creative thinking.