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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meat Cake #9 ebook release/Summer solstice/ DD Bday/ Savannah Mermaids Parade

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!

New originals from Meat Cake 11 now on auction as well as covers from MC #6 and #11

Please celebrate the Summer Solstice/ my birthday with me at the first ever Savannah/Tybee Island Mermaids Parade 2014.

The message for the mermaid parade is Ocean Conservation and Sea Life Awareness. As well as celebrating the Sea Goddess on the Summer Solstice. It is also all inclusive of age, race, religion, gender, and transgender. All of which are represented by the mermaids in the group portrait.

Savannah Mermaid Queen 2014 Cree Michelle Rogers
King 2014 Andrew Jay Ripley  (Both seen on left in photo)

Administrators at the event are Aimee Petkus and Dame Darcy, both from NYC

Aimee makes amazing hand crafted jewelry using natural elements and gems

Dame Darcy is a Cartoonist /Mermaid Queen of Coney Island
Her latest comic series / video series is Meat Cake Presents Voyage of Temptress
This comic, other books, and multimedia can be seen at Dame Darcy.com

Read Voyage of Temptress web comic on InkBlazers.com!

Voyage Of Temptress video series will be released this summer 2014 and is an Interactive Pirate Adventure Costume Drama about ladies sailing on the intercoastal water way near Savannah in search for Confederate gold hidden by pirates. Clues in the comics and video and a cartoon map make the journey interactive, and they are buried on the actual islands in glass bottles.

Live Music by Faery Teeth
and Sea Shanties with Dame Darcy and Zach Pavey

No drilling for oil and killing sea life with sonic blasts ......Facebook.com/NoDrillingGA?ref=he
Administrator Beverly Hollingsworth

Sea Turtle Conservation Project by Mermaids On Tybee Salon and the Tybee Island Marine Science Center
Thank you Mermaid Natalie Gordon

No Plastic In The Ocean and founder of Bring Your Own Bag
Thank you Mermaid Ashley Workman 

Thank you Tybee City Hall, and the Island of Tybee, Atlantis Inn, King Of Pops, Fannies on the Beach, 6th Sense World Ghost and Cemetery Tours, Grave Face Records, Ampersand, and other participating businesses in Savannah / Tybee.

Thank you Adriana Boatwright from Do Savannah.
Savannah Mermaid's Parade Day is to protect the sea goddess and her creatures by embodying and celebrating all things mermaid.

When big oil companies search for where to drill in the ocean they use underwater sonar. Dolphins and whales use their own kind of sonar to communicate.

The kind the oil companies use is very harsh to them and it is such high decibels that it hemorrhages the dolphins and whales brain and internal organs and kills them. Since hearing this news I have not really been able to stop crying inside.

When you actually have the chance to hear the way dolphins talk and see the look in their cute eyes, how curious and playful, intelligent and adaptable they are you would fall in love with dolphins too and my deepest wish for every human in the world is to get to know wild dolphins in the magical and beautiful habitat in which they live.

Besides the torture these beautiful animals endure, is the fact Right Whales (Named centuries ago by whale hunters as the "Right" whales to hunt) have been protected since the 70's but are currently still going extinct and there are only 400 left in the world. Here off the coast of Georgia is where they spawn.

Also, once the oil companies have killed all the sea life, and they start drilling for a source of energy soon to run out, it has a chance of spilling into the ocean and making it so toxic that people can't even swim let alone eat the fish, which will all be dead. So bye bye fishing industry for the local economy.

There are many levels to this horror.

Sea Life is the primal source of all life, it is where we all crawled out of in the first place (thus the legend of Atlantis) and when the children of the Sea Goddess die human land lubbers are next. People are not exempt from Ocean Environmental Care.

This environmental cause is the one I am helping in particular and I just wanted to be extra clear.  I know you understand my purpose in life to serve the goddess with everything I can.  I dedicated myself to this cause.

The state of the world can be so overwhelming, many of us are inert, frozen because we do not know which way to turn. I am not frozen. I am the positive change I want to see in the world, and making a Mermaid Celebration for others is what I personally can do to help spread a serious message in a fun positive way.

My dear friend Beverly Hollingsworth created the "no drilling for oil" page and told me about the evil plans of the oil companies, and now the game is on and I will fight to the death with my trident and sea shell shield.

The reason behind all the Mermaid hype ... No drilling for oil and killing all sea life with sonic blasts ......Facebook.com/NoDrillingGA?ref=he

Bubbles and Fin Splashes, Dame Darcy