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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pumpkin Weirdos, at least I'm not being burned at a stake

My Dear :)

How was your Halloween? Mine was very psychedelic. It was fun to hang with the witch friends aforementioned. A very fine evening indeed. However, I did contract some sort of flu which has me hallucinating like I am on a rocking ship at all times, which, in my case, you may think I would enjoy? Anyways, my illness struck me with a Autumnal spirit and made this little family of pumpkin weirdos which I felt compelled to share with you. Happy Fall equinox. 2014 is nigh and don't forget your witchcraft calendar for the new season.
Witch craft calendar


Pumpkin Jack lives in big mushroom in the forest, he gets around very well crawling through the corn fields on his uni-gourd foot he has decorated with a single glistening jewel. Pumpkin Jack wears a ribbon on his hat that also has skeletons wearing top hats. He is a very complex little guy and lives in many universes at the same time. Share your dreams with him. Oh! And He can see in the dark! He is 9 inches tall with pose able arms and is made from genuine Indian corn just in time for the dolly-day season!


18 inches long. Wormy Gourd Head has very strong gourd arms, which don't actually help him much because they are so short. His great grandfather was the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, due to his famous thespian background Wormy is trying to get acting work to be as known in books and on the silver screen as his ancestor but is having no such luck, which is why he is here on Etsy. Wormy however is a charming fellow, and tried to spice up his gourd head with jeweled flowers. He will worm his way into your heart. 


These pumpkin head siamese twins are named Crazy and Cry. They are koo koo. The way their mom tells them apart is one has a cloven corn hoof and the other only has a stumpy foot.  

They get a long pretty well with everyone. They smile through the pain of being crazy even though their jeweled eyes are dripping black goo tears. They enjoy the fall season very much because this is when they were born. They are 14 inches tall and have a super soft fluffy tummy all stripey and yummy.

They used to burn witches just for crafting dolls, now maybe we all know why. 

I walk in this world free to be the biggest freak in the planet and yes, I am slowly dying along with everything else, but at least I am not being burned alive at a steak. 

Check out the pictures of The Bon Adventure cemetery my friend Julie Jones just sent:

Love,Dame Darcy