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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentines /Dating a Hot Witch /DD Interviews/Sami Chan/Comics

My Girl Friend/Twin Flame/Soul Mate is a Hot Witch…what do I do?!

WHAT TO DO WHEN DATING A HOT WITCH . A Hot Witch can appear to many like an unreachable, statuesque, ephemeral, mystical, zany, Aphrodite-esque theatrical hot mess on wheels. To many men, she is bewitching and beguiling, she can unsettle you with her eyes and bring you to tears when you least expect it.  A Hot Witch can see souls. She knows how to make you feel things you may not want to feel, which leaves many men feeling vulnerable. Know that the Hot Witch of your dreams is not out to emasculate you. It is her wish and within her power simply to help you open your heart. Therein lies her beautiful complexity.

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All new art for Valentines Day. Adorable &  Affordable!  

Sometimes, a Hot Witch forgets her own power. Her soul work goes deep. The tricky part is, as a highly sensitive healer and woman with deep compassion for human suffering, she no doubt has walls of her own that you will have to be willing to tear down for her to feel safe enough to let you in.

Have fun with her like you would solving a puzzle or cracking a code, your treasure chest of gold will open to reveal your heart knowing a love like never before.  Love and Magic Blessings,  Dame Darcy

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Moonlight Magazine interview with DD Thanks Christopher Moonlight

DD Mermaid interview with Cape Cod radio thanks Pandora Peoples

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Sami Chan just finished her fashion premiere. She is a 16 year old Gothic and Sweet Lolita designer and is a Jr. at the Savannah Arts Academy High School. Her version of Rococo is very heart felt and impressive.

Here are some photos of her amazing work:

To see more of her accessories using dolls and other exciting items go to Sami Chan on Etsy.

We are going to do Ruffle Con the Lolita convention in Connecticut this September. (more info to be posted closer to the date) 

Lana Del Rey
This is the most beautiful ethereal video and song. Lana sounds like if you could understand the words to the Cocteau Twins. She is doing the sound track for Sleeping Beauty adaptation Malificent  which premiers on my birthday (June 19th) this year. She is totally Tropic-Goth which I am super into now, and the style of  Meat Cake and every thing else too. Viva La Lana!! 

Bel Air Lana Del Rey