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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2015 Calendar/ Doll Crafting at Grave Face/ Rufflecon/ Original Art/ Voyage Of Temptress

The new 2015 Witch calendar is here! OOOOOoooooOOOOoooo!!!!

Doll Crafting at Grave Face Records Savannah GA

Grave Face Records is a fun hot spot of multimedia activity in Savannah GA. Starting now, there will be more live shows with music and art, but also I and others will be teaching classes there monthly. Come join us this class to learn the adorable art of doll crafting! Sept 26th from 6-9pm 5 w. 40th St Savannah GA $10. adults $5. for kids under 21 and senior discount.

Rufflecon 2015

Rufflecon Oct 4-5, 2014

Rufflecon The Gothic Lolita Convention is happening in New Haven CT from Oct 4-5th Please join Sami Chan (an amazing lolita accessories designer using anime characters and dolls) and me as I do a lecture, sing opera ( a new song featured in Voyage of Temptress video series,) sign comix, a fashion show, and costume contest. Plus there are fun workshops and lots of other adventures and lolitas to meet!

RuffleCon main website: http://www.rufflecon.org
Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RuffleCon
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/RuffleCon
Our Tumblr: http://therufflecourt.tumblr.com/

Cartoonist Dame Darcy teaches Lolita comix self publishing

Dame Darcy started self publishing as a teenager and began her comic book series Meat Cake in the early 90's. She has since had over 50 titles of comics and Graphic novels published world wide. Her work has a Gothic Lolita style that coincidentally started a decade before the Lolita trend took off in the US. In 2002 DD merged with lolita designers and representatives in Japan. In this lecture DD talks about the merging of manga, Lolita fashion, and the growing trend of Lolita from the 90's until now. Her personal history with Lolita style, and how it applies to feminism. As well as how to self publish your own work in 90's zine style and the contemporary ways you can publish today on line and through using multimedia and social media.

Please check Ebay Auctions for new DD original illustrations (coming soon)

New pages in the Voyage of Temptress web comic series!

Love, Dame Darcy

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meat Cake Originals Auction/New Voyage of Temptress/My Strange Addiction

Dearest Doll-lings!


Welcome to the new pages for the Voyage Of Temptress...

This VOT page featuring Single Eye Sue is also available as a limited edition hand painted print on ETSY.


Meat Cake #7 one of a kind hand drawn originals auction now started on eBay. I am happy to personalize or sign them for you or a loved one... Once they are gone they are gone forever...


Please join me at Park Circle Comics in Charleston SC from noon to 5 pm for the comic con being held there on Saturday July 26th. https://www.facebook.com/ParkCircleComics


ITV the Institute of Terminal Velocity now represents my work, we are all collaborating on many new and exciting titles and intellectual properties. Check out the newest release! http://www.dictionaryofunhappiness.com


My Strange Addiction secret is that I think I got a cold from staying up last night for hours instead of sleeping after partying with Pirate Gal Pals on Tybee Island because I was watching Barbie Dream House on Net Flix, I was looking for another doll movie when I found it...

Barbie and her friends look like actual animated dolls, they have jointed arms and they have this crazy looking real barbie hair that I find fascinating... THE HAIR : 3-D composite perfect Barbie hair... one day in the dream house it was messy plastic globbed up like Barbie hair gets...

Weird things happen in their house too, like a giant Barbie head crashed through her dream house wall... she stood up Ken because she was so obsessed putting makeup on it with giant lipstick tubes she forgot their date... and her horse (you remember her horse) plays the piano, and Ken is a super great BF.

They have THE elevator from your childhood memories (one doll capacity). All their food is molded plastic (the cupcakes are the best) and she has a fantasy never ending closet full of shoes and they have these walls and things that flip over into other things like barbie house really does, plus plastic looking furniture and accessories.

Her best friend Midge comes to visit from 1962 and she is in black and white and loves to craft and clip coupons. The dolls kid Barbie about being old on her birthday ... cause Barbie (much like our dear 89 year old French Boudoir Doll friend Isabelle) is forever 21. They also talk about her billions of careers, and she has all the outfits still perfect in the bubble plastic hanging in her closet. There's something a little tongue in cheek about the writing, too. And kinda fetish and demented...but really cute and positive in the end.

Oh BTW I was not allowed to have Barbies because they were not feminist...but plenty of others had them enough that I know all this stuff. Our Barbies were slutty though, they always had lots of girl-on-girl action and orgies with Ken. What a great world for Ken dolls Barbie Life is. He's like the sultan.

We used to burn a crack for her "Giney" with a butter knife heated by a lighter because we found her non-vagina so unrealistic and annoying. The ones with the painted on panties were spared.

Love, Dame Darcy

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meat Cake #9 ebook release/Summer solstice/ DD Bday/ Savannah Mermaids Parade

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!

New originals from Meat Cake 11 now on auction as well as covers from MC #6 and #11

Please celebrate the Summer Solstice/ my birthday with me at the first ever Savannah/Tybee Island Mermaids Parade 2014.

The message for the mermaid parade is Ocean Conservation and Sea Life Awareness. As well as celebrating the Sea Goddess on the Summer Solstice. It is also all inclusive of age, race, religion, gender, and transgender. All of which are represented by the mermaids in the group portrait.

Savannah Mermaid Queen 2014 Cree Michelle Rogers
King 2014 Andrew Jay Ripley  (Both seen on left in photo)

Administrators at the event are Aimee Petkus and Dame Darcy, both from NYC

Aimee makes amazing hand crafted jewelry using natural elements and gems

Dame Darcy is a Cartoonist /Mermaid Queen of Coney Island
Her latest comic series / video series is Meat Cake Presents Voyage of Temptress
This comic, other books, and multimedia can be seen at Dame Darcy.com

Read Voyage of Temptress web comic on InkBlazers.com!

Voyage Of Temptress video series will be released this summer 2014 and is an Interactive Pirate Adventure Costume Drama about ladies sailing on the intercoastal water way near Savannah in search for Confederate gold hidden by pirates. Clues in the comics and video and a cartoon map make the journey interactive, and they are buried on the actual islands in glass bottles.

Live Music by Faery Teeth
and Sea Shanties with Dame Darcy and Zach Pavey

No drilling for oil and killing sea life with sonic blasts ......Facebook.com/NoDrillingGA?ref=he
Administrator Beverly Hollingsworth

Sea Turtle Conservation Project by Mermaids On Tybee Salon and the Tybee Island Marine Science Center
Thank you Mermaid Natalie Gordon

No Plastic In The Ocean and founder of Bring Your Own Bag
Thank you Mermaid Ashley Workman 

Thank you Tybee City Hall, and the Island of Tybee, Atlantis Inn, King Of Pops, Fannies on the Beach, 6th Sense World Ghost and Cemetery Tours, Grave Face Records, Ampersand, and other participating businesses in Savannah / Tybee.

Thank you Adriana Boatwright from Do Savannah.
Savannah Mermaid's Parade Day is to protect the sea goddess and her creatures by embodying and celebrating all things mermaid.

When big oil companies search for where to drill in the ocean they use underwater sonar. Dolphins and whales use their own kind of sonar to communicate.

The kind the oil companies use is very harsh to them and it is such high decibels that it hemorrhages the dolphins and whales brain and internal organs and kills them. Since hearing this news I have not really been able to stop crying inside.

When you actually have the chance to hear the way dolphins talk and see the look in their cute eyes, how curious and playful, intelligent and adaptable they are you would fall in love with dolphins too and my deepest wish for every human in the world is to get to know wild dolphins in the magical and beautiful habitat in which they live.

Besides the torture these beautiful animals endure, is the fact Right Whales (Named centuries ago by whale hunters as the "Right" whales to hunt) have been protected since the 70's but are currently still going extinct and there are only 400 left in the world. Here off the coast of Georgia is where they spawn.

Also, once the oil companies have killed all the sea life, and they start drilling for a source of energy soon to run out, it has a chance of spilling into the ocean and making it so toxic that people can't even swim let alone eat the fish, which will all be dead. So bye bye fishing industry for the local economy.

There are many levels to this horror.

Sea Life is the primal source of all life, it is where we all crawled out of in the first place (thus the legend of Atlantis) and when the children of the Sea Goddess die human land lubbers are next. People are not exempt from Ocean Environmental Care.

This environmental cause is the one I am helping in particular and I just wanted to be extra clear.  I know you understand my purpose in life to serve the goddess with everything I can.  I dedicated myself to this cause.

The state of the world can be so overwhelming, many of us are inert, frozen because we do not know which way to turn. I am not frozen. I am the positive change I want to see in the world, and making a Mermaid Celebration for others is what I personally can do to help spread a serious message in a fun positive way.

My dear friend Beverly Hollingsworth created the "no drilling for oil" page and told me about the evil plans of the oil companies, and now the game is on and I will fight to the death with my trident and sea shell shield.

The reason behind all the Mermaid hype ... No drilling for oil and killing all sea life with sonic blasts ......Facebook.com/NoDrillingGA?ref=he

Bubbles and Fin Splashes, Dame Darcy

Monday, May 19, 2014

Savannah Mermaid Parade/ Faeiry Food Recipes/ Meat Cake Auction

This book is dedicated to YOU! So many people want to eat a healthier, low calorie diet. Vegetables and fruit break down into nutrients and water in your system. But typically Americans were raised on mostly processed food and don't know how to make vegetables and fruit exciting.

In this book I've turned many typical dishes into "faeiry food" keeping the taste of this comfort food but replacing the meat and carbs with low calories. Yay! Why have I been vegetarian for so long? Animal cruelty in factory farms. Enough said. Meanwhile... as the child of a working mother, and with the epidemic of childhood obesity in the U.S. I included "Kid Stuff". They can come home from school and by using a butter knife and a blender make Healthy Snacks. Teen girls can have their cake and eat it too.

I love cake but I hate feelin' fat. So when I discovered raw food desserts I went ga ga! It was an incredible discovery to realize I could have all the chocolate cake, apple crumble, carrot cake, and even ice cream sundae I wanted and it was the equivalent to a handful of nuts, half an avocado, or a fruit salad. All the fat in olive oil nuts or avocados (the only fat in this entire book) breaks down easily or lubricates rather than clogs your arteries and joints. It does not stick in your fat cells. When I started my first raw food diet, I lost 15 pounds in one month and kept it off the 3 years I remained strictly raw. Before that I was vegetarian for 20.

I just completed pages 6-9 of Voyage of Temptress, and am very pleased to offer prints of page 9 (Effluvia blowing her shell horn) via Etsy.com. To read these new pages, please visit my Web Comix page.

Love, Dame Darcy

^v^ EVENTS ^v^

Saturday June 14th
Atlanta Zine Fest at the Erikson Clock Bldg, 364 Nelson St, Atlanta, GA 30313.
12 noon - 9:00 pm, after party live music by Dame Darcy at Big House, 211 Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

PLUS...As June approaches, so does the Mermaid Parade! Usually on or near not only my birthday but the summer solstice! This year the summer solstice (June 21st) lands on a Saturday so its perfect! I'm not going to be able to make it to NYC this year for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, so I thought I would bring it here to Savannah for the local mermaids to enjoy! We will meet at 1:00 on Tybee beach on the beach directly in front of Fannies Crab shack. Then once we have all gathered we will parade up Tybresia street to the other beach on Back river by around 3:00. There will be live music by Faery Teeth, Sea Shanties by yours truly and others as well as craft booths, swimming and lots of fun. Bring a picnic and your favorite quid costume and I'll sea you there! For more details see Mermaid Map :)



Meat Cake Cover #5 by Dame Darcy 9X12 inches original painted illustration archival acrylic and colored pencil and Bristol board for the classic comic series Published by Fantagraphics Books. Comes with Card autographed by Dame Darcy.


The Great Wax Head Debate story for issue #5 by Dame Darcy 9X12 inches original black and white illustration archival ink and Bristol board for the classic comic series Published by Fantagraphics Books. Comes with Card autographed by Dame Darcy.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NEW Faeiry Food Raw/Veg cookbook/Meat Cake goes digital/Alan Moore originals available

Fantagraphics and comiXology are working together to make Meat Cake available as an online comic starting with Issue 1, Oh joyous day!

Meanwhile I worked for years on this book and it's finally out in self published form! Yay!

Dame Darcy Faeiry Food Vegetarian, Raw, and Vegan cook book. 80 pages of illustrated recipes, on rainbow paper with multicolored covers. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snacks, and drinks, even raw food recipes kids can make simply with a butter knife and a blender. These delicious recipes like the raw food nachos, or the cake and ice cream which replace carbs, fat, calories and sugar with the equivalent of fat and calories found in a hand full of vegetables, fruit, nuts and water. Environmentally awesome too because when you eat mostly produce you cut down on land fill and the costs of recycling. Meanwhile I lost 15 pounds eating all day on the raw food diet and kept it off. Magic Faeiry Blessings! DD

Alan Moore was kind enough to write a story for Meat Cake #9. Here are the originals now up for bidding.

Sticker Packs

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NEW E BOOK/ Hearts Desire/ Doll Shadow Box/ Comix Love DD

Welcome, Dearest!

Please enjoy my newest collaborative ebook endeavor love to the effervescent Heather Vescent

"How to Get Your Heart’s Desire" by Heather Vescent, illustrated by Dame Darcy

"How to Get Your Heart’s Desire" is an easy and effective guide to achieving what you want in life in Six simple steps. Written by and based on the experience of Heather Schlegel, an internet strategist and former product manager at AOL, this interactive journey encourages readers to look within themselves through suggested daily practices and rituals that ultimately ensure the manifestation of our deepest desires. Most importantly, it provides all this in a practical and tangible manner.

  ^v^ ART ^v^

^v^ Handbook for Hot Witches ^v^

I love this song because it is a magic manifestation spell that really works the way Heathers book does :) Do you remember it? Here's a link. Olivia looks so great like a prancing unicorn.

Magic by Olivia Newton John

Come take my hand
you should know me
I'll always be in your mind
You know I will be kind
I'll be guiding you

Building your dream
has to start now
there's no other road to take
you won't make a mistake
I'll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic
nothing can stand in our way
you have to believe we are magic
don't let your aim ever stray
and if all your hopes survive
destiny will arrive
and make all your dreams alive
for you

From where I stand
you are home free
the planets align so rare
there's promise in the air
and I'm guiding you

Through every turn
I'll be near you.
I'll come any time you call
I'll catch you when you fall
I'll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic!
Nothing can stand in our way
you have to believe we are magic
don't let your aim ever stray
and if all your hopes survive
destiny will arrive
and make all your dreams alive
for you!

The Voyage of Temptress continues...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentines /Dating a Hot Witch /DD Interviews/Sami Chan/Comics

My Girl Friend/Twin Flame/Soul Mate is a Hot Witch…what do I do?!

WHAT TO DO WHEN DATING A HOT WITCH . A Hot Witch can appear to many like an unreachable, statuesque, ephemeral, mystical, zany, Aphrodite-esque theatrical hot mess on wheels. To many men, she is bewitching and beguiling, she can unsettle you with her eyes and bring you to tears when you least expect it.  A Hot Witch can see souls. She knows how to make you feel things you may not want to feel, which leaves many men feeling vulnerable. Know that the Hot Witch of your dreams is not out to emasculate you. It is her wish and within her power simply to help you open your heart. Therein lies her beautiful complexity.

^v^ ART ^v^
All new art for Valentines Day. Adorable &  Affordable!  

Sometimes, a Hot Witch forgets her own power. Her soul work goes deep. The tricky part is, as a highly sensitive healer and woman with deep compassion for human suffering, she no doubt has walls of her own that you will have to be willing to tear down for her to feel safe enough to let you in.

Have fun with her like you would solving a puzzle or cracking a code, your treasure chest of gold will open to reveal your heart knowing a love like never before.  Love and Magic Blessings,  Dame Darcy

^v^ Web Comix ^v^

^v^ Dame Darcy Interviews ^v^

Moonlight Magazine interview with DD Thanks Christopher Moonlight

DD Mermaid interview with Cape Cod radio thanks Pandora Peoples

^v^ Hot Witches ^v^

Sami Chan just finished her fashion premiere. She is a 16 year old Gothic and Sweet Lolita designer and is a Jr. at the Savannah Arts Academy High School. Her version of Rococo is very heart felt and impressive.

Here are some photos of her amazing work:

To see more of her accessories using dolls and other exciting items go to Sami Chan on Etsy.

We are going to do Ruffle Con the Lolita convention in Connecticut this September. (more info to be posted closer to the date) 

Lana Del Rey
This is the most beautiful ethereal video and song. Lana sounds like if you could understand the words to the Cocteau Twins. She is doing the sound track for Sleeping Beauty adaptation Malificent  which premiers on my birthday (June 19th) this year. She is totally Tropic-Goth which I am super into now, and the style of  Meat Cake and every thing else too. Viva La Lana!! 

Bel Air Lana Del Rey


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Meat Cake serial Voyage of Temptress/ 1/2 off 2014 calendar/ Mermaids!

Hello Beauty It's a sweet Beginning to a wonderful new year!

Mermaids Magazine featured my comics and many other finsplashtic glamorous mermaid sisters! Mermaid Hannah is on the cover!

See Mermaid Hannah in action with her astounding ocean activist videos:

Bubbbles and Fin Splashes to Carolyn Turgeon who put it all together as well as a special Kiss to the NY Mermaid parade Queen of Coney Island Bambi The Mermaid Plus Mermaid Tales, and the watery maidens of Weeki Wachee Florida

Meat Cake is back and is now going to be a sea going mind blowing nautical adventure serial. The Voyage of Temptress . Enjoy!

and here's the link to the rest, stay tuned for more :)


^v^ ART ^v^

To celebrate the new year I am offering you half off the 2014 Witch Calendar making it only $5! With any Dame Darcy art purchase on ETSY!
Calendar Etsy code: HALFOFFCALENDAR
$5 off order of $20 total purchase (which includes calendar)
This offer is good till Valentines Day! Happy New Year!

^v^ Hand Book For Hot Witches ^v^

Miracles are all around you everywhere, it's sometimes hard to remember in times of turmoil. But the good thing is the Goddess and the law of the universe does not favor one over another.

We are all equal to receive what we need from the abundant source of life that created us and everything around us. So when I feel sad, or that life is passing me by and giving breaks and gifts to everyone but me, or get jealous wrongly comparing my existence to others I remember the spell prayer ... "What the Law of the Universe has done for others it now does for me and more!" The energy of life flows all around us like an ocean, It is words like this that channel some of the life force of abundance to us and through us to also share and help others.

Best wishes to you and magic blessings in this new beginning!

Love, Dame Darcy