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Monday, May 19, 2014

Savannah Mermaid Parade/ Faeiry Food Recipes/ Meat Cake Auction

This book is dedicated to YOU! So many people want to eat a healthier, low calorie diet. Vegetables and fruit break down into nutrients and water in your system. But typically Americans were raised on mostly processed food and don't know how to make vegetables and fruit exciting.

In this book I've turned many typical dishes into "faeiry food" keeping the taste of this comfort food but replacing the meat and carbs with low calories. Yay! Why have I been vegetarian for so long? Animal cruelty in factory farms. Enough said. Meanwhile... as the child of a working mother, and with the epidemic of childhood obesity in the U.S. I included "Kid Stuff". They can come home from school and by using a butter knife and a blender make Healthy Snacks. Teen girls can have their cake and eat it too.

I love cake but I hate feelin' fat. So when I discovered raw food desserts I went ga ga! It was an incredible discovery to realize I could have all the chocolate cake, apple crumble, carrot cake, and even ice cream sundae I wanted and it was the equivalent to a handful of nuts, half an avocado, or a fruit salad. All the fat in olive oil nuts or avocados (the only fat in this entire book) breaks down easily or lubricates rather than clogs your arteries and joints. It does not stick in your fat cells. When I started my first raw food diet, I lost 15 pounds in one month and kept it off the 3 years I remained strictly raw. Before that I was vegetarian for 20.

I just completed pages 6-9 of Voyage of Temptress, and am very pleased to offer prints of page 9 (Effluvia blowing her shell horn) via Etsy.com. To read these new pages, please visit my Web Comix page.

Love, Dame Darcy

^v^ EVENTS ^v^

Saturday June 14th
Atlanta Zine Fest at the Erikson Clock Bldg, 364 Nelson St, Atlanta, GA 30313.
12 noon - 9:00 pm, after party live music by Dame Darcy at Big House, 211 Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

PLUS...As June approaches, so does the Mermaid Parade! Usually on or near not only my birthday but the summer solstice! This year the summer solstice (June 21st) lands on a Saturday so its perfect! I'm not going to be able to make it to NYC this year for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, so I thought I would bring it here to Savannah for the local mermaids to enjoy! We will meet at 1:00 on Tybee beach on the beach directly in front of Fannies Crab shack. Then once we have all gathered we will parade up Tybresia street to the other beach on Back river by around 3:00. There will be live music by Faery Teeth, Sea Shanties by yours truly and others as well as craft booths, swimming and lots of fun. Bring a picnic and your favorite quid costume and I'll sea you there! For more details see Mermaid Map :)



Meat Cake Cover #5 by Dame Darcy 9X12 inches original painted illustration archival acrylic and colored pencil and Bristol board for the classic comic series Published by Fantagraphics Books. Comes with Card autographed by Dame Darcy.


The Great Wax Head Debate story for issue #5 by Dame Darcy 9X12 inches original black and white illustration archival ink and Bristol board for the classic comic series Published by Fantagraphics Books. Comes with Card autographed by Dame Darcy.



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