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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Dolly Days Yule Tide Doll Sale, Comics and More!

Doll Sale! All Dolls Half Off For The Dolly Day Season!
Plus new Dolls in Shadow Boxes! A Hauntingly beautiful gift for your beloved!
And don't forget your 2013 Hot Witch Calendar with all your Pagan Holidays, spells, ancient wisdom and much more.
2013 Hot Witch Holiday Calendar
Thanks again to all who answered the survey, we learned a lot about who you are and what you want. Meat Cake and other books are soon to be available as downloadable e-books on all devices and phones, your answers are helping immensely in how we organize everything :) Stay tuned!
Our favorite answers are as follows:
5. If you didn't purchase 'Handbook for Hot Witches' what could I have included or done differently in order to get you interested in buying it?
Handbook for Old Warlocks. Handbook for Hot Repressed Mormon Ladies with those Cool DooWop Ponytailed Bangs.
6. If I was to write a sequel to 'Handbook for Hot Witches', what topics would you like to see included?
Investing. Gun Safety.
Mary Magdalen 1519 AD Also Known as "The Other White Mary"
Various versions of the Legend of Mary Magdalene circulated in the south of France and Germany. Odo of Cluny wrote a version in the 900s AD that described Mary's family as nobility.
So some people think that Mary actually funded Jesus and helped finance his message. Some of the legends speak of a Mary that went into monastic retreat in a cave for thirty years, communicating with angels. In the Gospel of Philip, dating from the 2nd or 3rd century, survives texts found written In a manner very similar to John 19:25-26.
The Gospel of Philip presents Mary Magdalene among Jesus' female entourage, adding that she was his koinônos, a Greek word variously translated in contemporary versions as partner, associate, comrade, companion. Some men in power interpreted Mary as a prostitute because they didn't want to admit to her equality and partnership with Jesus, as is stated...
And the companion of the savior was Mary Magdalene. Christ loved Mary more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said to him, "Why do you love her more than all of us?" The Savior answered and said to them, "Why do I not love you like her?" Snap.
I like that Mary is a lady of mystery and she is all things at once. Wife, Whore, Patron, Visionary, Saint, and talk about a mother complex, It's clear to all that Jesus's Mom and Mary have the same name, coincidence? Society tries to label women, dice them up, and cram them into precise roles and boxes, but Mary Magdalene was so complex because she was simply herself. A true modern lady keeping it old school.

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