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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DD Savannah events/ all your questions answered through Palmistry/Window comics/ Happy October!

Oh my Dears, the season of the witch is upon us....

Happy October! Usually I post art first, but these events are coming up so quickly you need the info now: This is on Saturday Oct 5th on Liberty/ Bull in down town Savannah from noon to 4.

Local Savannah authors event with Book Lady and Savannah comics

Flannery O'Conner will be there! Yes, she is alive and has come into the public for this occasion. I can't wait to meet the legendary lady! I'll be there with my comics of course - adoration to Chuck at Savannah Comics for organizing this lovely event. Hope to see you if you're in the neighborhood enjoying the balmy south. Speaking of neighborhood, here's the most adorable art event, that is so super fun... I'll be there too on Friday Oct 4th from 6-9pm Desoto Row Art March First Friday event. For more details, please visit http://artmarchsavannah.com/.


The witch calendar is back! Just in time for Halloween! 2014, all your favorite spells and pagan holidays with some wacky drawings thrown in for pizzazz.

I have been reading palms starting at the age of nine, and have sense read for popular art mags and events based in NY and world wide, celebrities such as Carol Channing, Margaret Cho, Thurston Moore and Cindy Sherman etc. have been told of their past present future money love and all other questions answered. Now I can offer my services and expertise to you. Just send me an email with your palm scanned and I will send you an email back with answers.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please put them in the conversation section of your order here on Etsy and I'm happy to oblige.

Just got back Meat Cake Negatives from Fantagraphics, they used them to make the original print run of the comics. Now I have turned them into magical art that is fun to hang in the window and let the light shine through. Check it out :)

Oh and a Halloween doll... Hazeline Halloween :)

Speaking of scary dolls check out real life Barbie! Amazing, astounding, and disturbing. Love her in many ways but????? SPOOOoooooKY!

Love, Dame Darcy


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