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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wanted: Portland Based Assistant!

Hey! Learn how to Do It Yourself book & promote art/music shows, self publish, website and dolls while helping a spooky/kooky local artist.


I’m based in Portland Oregon, so if you are too, thats ideal, but near by is do-able too.
Basically someone who I can trust and familiar with Etsy (http://www.damedarcy.etsy.com), also, some mailing, light tech and crafting. Light tech meaning, scanning, some photoshop (not crazy just adjusting things) and general computer questions that arise.

Crafting meaning I put together dolls and self published books and sometimes need help. Some pay possible, but also can help with college credit and will definately give you any gifts and referrals you want/need. I am also a psychic advisor and can help you with that if you want. Home cookin’ and lots of love and thanks to you included.

If you have a friend who you think can do some of these things, like the tech but not the crafts or vice versa please tell them as well because these catigories can be split up among different people.

Thanks so much, and lots of love...


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