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Sunday, January 13, 2013

E-books, Meat Cake Sale, New Illustrations, and the Secret Surprise Center!

Hello My Darling and "Darklings",

The age of Aquarius is here everyone! It's going to be way more fun and wacky for all of us. No more of the boring patriarchal rules from the last millennium! That was soooo 500 years ago. Now its time for creative and awesome artist to shine and make the Goddess smile.

Also new this year is the Secret Surprise Center! For $25 a year via Paypal to ddsecretsurprise@yahoo.com you can be part of all kinds of special offers! For a limited time only when you join you will receive a FREE hard copy of the Meat Cake compilation, AND a FREE SECRET SURPRISE! Please include the address in your pay pal where you want your gifts to be sent besides the 30% coupon discount on all DDetsy store items. Please include the address in your Paypal where you want your gifts to be sent! You can look forward to raffles, Gothic Lolita fashion contests, you can win FREE books, prizes and one of a kind art from Dame Darcy. You can even win a date with Dame Darcy and receive special invitations to our Gothic Victorian Lolita Tea Parties! You can also be profiled as the winner of contests. We'll put your art, music, and fashion out there for everyone to see!

Not to mention secret surprises will happen randomly all the time.

New Year! Classic Books! Different Media!


Turn a New page with Dame Darcy E-books!

Meat Cake SALE

Classic Meat Cake compilation now available hand signed with illustration to you, usual retail price $23.00 now only $15.

PLUS Meat Cake Vol 16 and Vol 17 are now available as E-Books on any device for only $2.00!


If you haven't already check out or new motion comic SPIDER SILK TROPICS from Meat Cake Vol 17.

Comic 16

Oh Wax Wolf, you silly bitch.

New Sexy One of a kind Framed Illustration + Fashion Sale + Archived Illustration Sale


Don't forget your Dame Darcy Witchcraft Holiday Calenders beautiful! It's still only January 2013

Witchcraft Holiday Calendar

Hot Witches Through Herstory: Hannah Woolley // Born 1623; England


Woolley, a professional educator, was another woman active in the early stages of English feminism. She published many writings, the most widely read being the Gentlewoman's Companion (1675), a compendium of recipes, housekeeping hints, medical advice, and autobiographical writing. She believed that if women could obtain the same education as men, their "brains would be as fruitful as their bodies!"

Love and Best Wishes, DD

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