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Monday, January 21, 2013

Dame Darcy Emergency Tooth fix sale! 30% off all etsy items NOW or referral to a dentist near Savannah GA

Hello my sweets and semi-sweets,

Dame Darcy

Turns out trying to play the nutcracker outside of the Russian ballet (with my teeth) didn't work! Nuts to eating nuts!

I cracked the hell out of my molar and now I need to see a dentist! Emergency style!

However as you, my beautiful darklings, know I am a freelance artist without dental insurance! So if you know a dentist in the greater Coastal Empire (Savannah Georgia area) who wouldn't mind doing an art exchange, or half money/Art ...Please let me know, by sending an email to : damedarcy@damedarcy.com subject line "Dentist".

Also for the next TWO WEEKS ONLY everything in my Etsy Store is 30% off with this coupon code: DARCYSTEETH, and all proceeds go towards my molar getting fixed.

And for those of you feeling particularly generous. Here is my Paypal account: damedarcy1@msn.com. Anyone who donates directly to my Paypal will receive SPECIAL gifts of equal art value to what you donated, signed, dated and exploded with awesomeness.

I really appreciate anything anyone can donate and really anything at all. I love you all and you're so very precious to me. Thanks for your help, and sorry about the tooth emergency, I didn't want it either believe you me.

Thanks again everyone,

Love, DD

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