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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice/DD Bday/Mermaid Tarot

Good Morning My Summer Honeys! Happy June 19th :)

The Mermaid Tarot Decks are back in print! Hooray, get em while they're hot!

Dame Darcy, Mermaid Tarot Decks

Today is my birthday, I am a cusp. A Gemini who's other twin is a Cancer. This water/air combo makes for an interesting life, never a dull moment logistically talking myself out of being emotional. The up side is my top half is a faeiry the bottom half is a mermaid. Good times!

Happy Birthday to my twin friends and all others born on this day :)

Christy Kane, http://www.christykane.com/ (Doll Crafter extraordinaire), Tomas Palermo (my first love), my friend Charity, Doll daughter/granny Isabelle Espiore celebrates her 88th birthday today and last but not least the Marquis de Sade. They Kinda have a lot in common, besides both being French. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marquis_de_Sade

The Tarot card representing this day is The Sun.

In honor of the Summer Solstice I made this new hand painted faeiry print.

Summer Solstice Print

Dame Darcy, Summer Solstice, Fae, Fairy, Hand painted, glitter, watercolor, illustration,print

The summer solstice is the first day of summer, it is an exciting time for life and the fun times ahead in the warm weather.

In the southern tip of South America, the Mapuche people celebrate We Tripantu (the New Year) a few days after the northern solstice, on June 24. Further north, the Atacama people formerly celebrated this date with a noise festival, to call the Sun back. Further east, the Aymara people celebrate their New Year on June 21. A celebration occurs at sunrise, when the sun shines directly through the Gate of the Sun in Tiwanaku. Other Aymara New Year feasts occur throughout Bolivia, including at the site of El Fuerte de Samaipata.

In many cultures, the solstices and equinoxes traditionally determine the midpoint of the seasons, which can be seen in the celebrations called midsummer and midwinter. In this vein, the Japanese celebrate the start of each season with an occurrence known as Setsubun. The cumulative cooling and warming that result from the tilt of the planet become most pronounced after the solstices, leading to the more recent custom of using them to mark the beginning of summer and winter in most countries of Central and Northern Europe, as well as in Canada, the USA and New Zealand.

Love, Dame Darcy

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