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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Greetings From the Haunted House

Greetings to you my Darlings, from the haunted house in Savannah where the ghosts and dolls and I reside to draw my dreams. 

Just illustrated the Tell Tale Heart for Seven Stores Press for the Graphic Novel Classics compilation Graphic Cannon, compiled by Russ Kick. 

Tell Tale Heart is quite possibly my favourite short story of all time as it makes me laugh so much. 

The narrator tries so hard to convince you of his sanity, but in doing so reveals more about his insanity than his dark deed does itself. 
It's kind of ironic really. 

He mistakes the pounding of his own heart with that of the old man’s and uses it as a prompt to murder him. 

This was always a favorite tale of mine, I'll never forget when I heard it first on a record from the library I got while in 4th grade. 
It really exemplifies the twisted reality of a murderers mind. 
I am so honored to do my rendition of this horror classic. 

So I can now offer you 10 illustrations from this project now framed and available as fine art. 
They are 8 1/2 x 11 inches framed. Each illustration is $75. 

As a special all 10 can go for $700. total  If you want to keep the story in sequence. 
Please indicate in the etsy comments you wish to do so and i will hold the other 9. 

Payment plans are welcome.

Also, we have a Gasoline special going on on Etsy.com/damedarcy, and I'm offering a special where if you get anything over the price of $75, you will receive a free copy of Gasoline, hand signed with an illustration to you or a loved one. 

Other Black and white pen and ink illustrations for the low cost of money now available as well to choose from :) Framed and ready for hanging or as a gift to your love for upcoming Valentines Day. 

All Patrons get this book for free for this month's reward, also so much more! 

In other News, Lisa Carver (SuckDog, Rollerderby zine, plus more)  and I are planning a world wide come back tour for her new book I illustrated : The Jaywalker. 
It will be a super fun immersive theatre performance art, rock opera, spectacle, and we will be offering friends and fans prizes and discounts on tickets, and may be coming to your town! 
Just got a go pro for x mas and learning to edit and post video/ animation so soon I'll be able to share this with you as well through a video series. 
It's gonna be a lot of fun and a lot of wacky talented and beautiful ladies! 

And now a quick word from my friend and intern, LED:

Hello! This is LED, I now have phone cases, stickers, and prints available of my Tarot in Space! cards on Storenvy! Click the picture to see more :) 

We will be posting more details about tour dates for the upcoming year. 

Dame Darcy 

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