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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentines Day Love Letter

Hello My Love, 
Happy Valentines Day!

As my gift to you here is the offer of a raffle for this rainbow fairy Valentine painting. You have a chance to win this painting when you get art off the etsy site valued at over $100 

The raffle runs for 2 weeks and once the amount acquired matches the value of the painting $1,500. 

Then the raffle contestants will be announced and thanked with an additional secret surprise and the one winner will be chosen then the painting shipped to them. 


House Dame Darcy!

I'm Seeking a place to stay in Maine or Dover New Hampshire for 3 weeks while Lisa Carver and i practice for our tour to promote the Jaywalker graphic novel. Lisa and i need to meet from March 20th till early April then were going to Detroit to practice the show with some gals and shoot the first show there which will also be our TV pilot . If you have a place or know someone please contact me at damedarcy9@gmail.com with the subject line "Tour Digs" read on to see my ideas of exchange and/ or compensation ❤

Movie Magic

I was recently in a experimental film by Jalal Pleasant 
enjoy the stills :) More info can be seen here:

The UNKNOWN- Battle Against Mediocrity
Coming soon

By: Jalal Pleasant
Introducing: Dame Darcy as, Molly Passion

A Peasant Art production

Also, I finished my first ASMR go pro video completely edited and shot by yours truly in preparation of the upcoming Darcy+Lisa tour this year so we can have videos off all the shows consistently posted for you all :) 

Until then, enjoy my mermaid swim fin ASMR video practice. 

Currently working on Isabelle Doll new cover songs. 
Call her the and Rapper now cuz her rap is so sweet! 

And here's the latest from my Co-Creator, LED!

Galactic Acid, the animated Space Adventure is just a few weeks from completion! Find out more here: http://www.theledanimation.com/#!galactic-acid/nfbnr 

 Blessings and Venus / Cupid Magic  for you on this special holiday. 
Dame Darcy 

To Love oneself if the beginning of life greatest love affair 

~ Oscar Wilde 

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