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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mermaid Tarot Edition 3 Has Set Sail!


This is your friendly neighborhood mermaid-handler Laura with a very exciting announcement:

Mermaid Tarot Edition 3 is up for sale!

I am holding this edition in my hands right now and by golly it's gorgeous!

You'll receive:
  1. 22 all new fresh Dame Darcy illustrations!
  2. A hand written nautical spell handwritten by the Pirate Mermaid Witch herself!
  3. And as always a beautiful cream organza card bag and Dame Darcy sticker!

This edition has perfectly regular boarders with no bleed (this mermaid handler is a perfectionist) and some minor quality errors in the old printing fixed.

So while Dame Darcy is flying around the world in her magical pirate ship let's make her day and all order a brand new deck <3 Go here ------> Etsy

<3 Laura "LED"


Tonight is Darcy and Lisa's first show in 10 years in Detroit at the UFO Factory 2110 Trumbull Street. Here's a link with more info! http://www.thedarcylisashow.com/

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