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Monday, October 31, 2016

Dame Darcy's on Tour!

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Dame Darcy's on Tour!!
Ladies and Gents, step right up and meet the Mermaid Goddess Artist Musician Witch herself! Dame Darcy's tour is coming to a close now as she prepares to come back to us (her interns) in Savannah to blessedly help us with Christmas sales! See her before she swims back into her grotto! 
November 9th in Brooklyn!
Darcey and Darcy present The Tarot Society
Noon till 6pm: Lolita tea party, art exhibit for Meat Cake originals,
tarot readings and more :)
Performances starting from 6-8 pm.
by Dame Darcy, Darcey Leonard, Baby Bird and others.
Come dressed as your fav Meat Cake Character and win a prize :)
to see more info please go here:
Can't get to NY to see Darcy herself? Well no worries, the Meat Cake Bible has a whole full page color gallery of the beautiful Dame Darcy surrounded on either side by over 400 pages of her life's work: Meat Cake. It's an incredibly beautiful book, too. 

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