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Friday, September 9, 2011

GASOLINE fine art show NYC + animator/editor/cinematographer Portland based come to DD.com NOW

Greetings beloved reader and friend,

Now is the time I have prepared for over a decade, the exhibit for Gasoline original illustrations and book signing at the Sloan Fine Art gallery in NYC, my adopted home since 1992. It would be an honor to see you there.

Nov. 19th - Dec. 20th 2008
Opening reception 7:00-9:00 pm
Gasoline art exhibition of original
illustrations from graphic novel and Gasoline painting series by Dame Darcy
(Books will also be signed)
128 Rivington st.
NYC 10002

Also, here’s where illustrations from other works are available, as well as some new items:

Were switching things up though, so get it while it’s hot :)

Also, Portlandites...Is that what you guys are called?
I found my first assistant, (thank Goddess) but I seriously need to get in touch with some one who understands
what were doing here with the DD.com site.
Ok, to be specific...

ANIMATOR: I am currently designing a spot for the History channel about the great depression for under a minute.
It has a budget and I can offer you money. However you have to contact me for specifics.
Have to start in Portland in December and get the initial design finished by the end of December.
The deadline for this project is the end of Jan. 09.
Here’s the link for Golden Shoes, an animation that has the look and feel of what the client wants.

After working on this project we need to design logos and animated titles for the half and hour segments that I’m designing for the movies, music videos, etc. to put on Dame Darcy.com to podcast, stream, and download.
This can be paying once set up, ( you don’t have to set it up, we have people for that).
Also, we can have fun times making collaborative animations if you want :)

If you or a friend fit this description please contact me at: damedarcy@damedarcy.com
with ANIMATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE in the subject line.
When you contact me please include your number and any links to your reel etc.

Needed to document rock shows/events and to edit video blogs for Dame Darcy.com and 30 minute movies, music videos etc.
Final cut pro edits to be podcast, streamed, and downloaded off the site. You need to be able to make final edit into separate folders in the hard drive in ipod format.
480 X 320 H264 code 1.5 megabites per sec. with sound compressed header for internet streaming.
Which we will do to all the video blogs and 30 minute movies to upload to site.
Specifics to be revealed when you contact me, but basically we get a lot of hits on DD.com and through this and other methods we are turning them into money which you will be part of.
If you or a friend fit this description please contact me at damedarcy@damedarcy.com
with CINEMATOGRAPHER/EDITOR in the subject line. Please include your phone number and any links to your reel etc.

Love and cinemagic to you :)
Dame Darcy


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