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Friday, September 9, 2011

Swarovski crystal crazy, original illustrations, and Graphic novel out in October


Art/Fashion Auction

I’m going swarovski crystal crazy!
Dame Darcy designs crystal chandlier tops for Jared Gold. Dolls with swarovski also brooches necklaces and other jewels!
One of a kind Featured Doll for this weeks auction:
She’s a spicy one! Hot pink see-through fishnet mini-dress and glowing lace. Whoops! Telemundo forgot her panties, how naughty! Well, that’s what makes her a TV star! Approximately 6 1/2 inches tall to fit all standard doll house furniture, clay body, human hair, pose able, hand sewn dress and hand painted features.

Plus original black and white pen/ink illustrations from Meat Cake, and other Dame Darcy previously published works. Own the original for ever and one of a kind for an affordable price perfect for a gift and easy to frame :)

Go to-----------> http://stores.ebay.com/Dame-Darcys-Store [ed. note: now at http://www.damedarcy.etsy.com] to see it all! Thanks Tiffanie and Sloan Gallery NYC!

Current Events:
Gasoline Graphic Novel is almost borne! It’s soooo exciting, events are lined up for LA in October and NY in November, also San Franciso and Portland in the works.
Gasoline is a post apocalyptic rock n’ roll fairytale about a family of witches.
You may have heard this from me before, but now is the real deal. Its Out and its over 200 pages,
hard bound in Twall and gold embossed! Luxurious as always! Wink, wink.
Heres the link--------> damedarcy.com/gasoline

Death By Doll has a new album out! Our label is Emperor Penguin Recordings

Its sea shanties with yours truly on banjo + singing and

Naughty Naughty Nite was going to be in the Deatch Parade NYC this year but apparantly a “HUGE
HURRICANE” is suppost to hit NY so the entire event was null and void. Looking out the window today I see the sky being slightly overcast, if our parade isn’t happening I want some serious thunder..
OK God?! Sheesh.

Next Naughty Nautical Nite:
Oct 2nd. Haunted Hi-Seas!
It’s going to be a spooky one, batten down the hatches for the thrill of a lifetime!
Slipper Rm Orchard/Stanton in the Lower East side 9:00 five dolla
Jessica Delfino and Dame Darcy host!

Side note: Naughty Nautical Nite is soon to be released on DVD! My dear Jen Bee is the cinematographer and editor of this wacko project and it’s soon to be released so just put that in your back lacy pocket. Sea shanties! Isabelle the talking (and kicking) doll! Musical comedy! Mermaids! Animated octopus! And sing -a-long with the bouncing helm experimental DA DA performance and oh so much more.

Downloads on podcasts will soon be available on damedarcy.com as awell as a video blog.

Love Letter:
Free the Whale
It’s really easy to sign this petition, and it’s never too late for justice
As a mermaid and an animal lover vegetarian for 20 yrs, my heart really goes out to this whale.
Please take a moment to read about Lolita and maybe you will be compelled to sign the petition to free her...

From: Wild Dolphin Foundation
Date: Aug 22, 2008 10:27 PM

The 38-year-old killer whale has sparked controversy since she was first sold to Seaquarium for $6,000 in 1970 after being snatched from her family pod in Puget Sound — a practice now effectively banned there. Lolita’s defenders decry not only confining such an intelligent marine mammal, but also the size of her tank, which is less than two of her body lengths wide at any point. "That’s like living your whole life in your closet," activist Shelby Proie says.

As Lolita nears 40, there’s a renewed push for her "retirement," especially as Seaquarium touts a new $5 million swimming-with-dolphins facility, making the rickety killer whale tank seem like a marketing afterthought. Activists want to see her moved to a sea pen, where it is hoped she might eventually re-join family. And the movement has gained some celebrity friends: Hollywood producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of the late actor Raul Julia, recently told Newsweek he was planning a benefit concert for Lolita, with Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent onboard.


It better be soon. Lolita is elderly by captive standards. "She probably has another five years in there, at most," Proie says. "She’s tired.

Seaquarium’s management is underwhelmed. "There’s nothing new to the story, from our perspective," says Michelle Palomino, spokesperson for the Virginia Key puddle collection.

Adds saccharine-sweet Seaquarium general manager Andrew Hertz: "Lolita will remain at Seaquarium surrounded by people who love and protect her.

Feeling masochistic and plum out of nipple clamps, Riptide decided to play Humbert Humbert. So we headed to Seaquarium and paid $43 for parking and entry, but passed on the seven-dollar Coke in a souvenir cup. After watching spandex-clad volunteers ride sea mammals around a tank to "Surfin’ U.S.A.," we skulked over to Lolita’s stadium. While the meager crowd mostly cheered the flopping whale, Wanda Campbell left midshow, trailing her young son. "It’s just sort of sad, isn’t it?" she said.

go here to read and sign the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/lolita10/petition.html

There is about as much educational benefit to be gained in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary confinement "- Jacques Cousteau

Love you!


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